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Machine Maintenance

Spring is here! This means that it’s time to get your heavy equipment ready for the upcoming season! It doesn’t matter if you are renting or buying, you want to make sure your equipment is running smoothly.

The cold weather will come to an end soon, but regardless of the temperature, it’s time to get your heavy equipment, such as wheel loaders ready for the spring. 

Eight Tips

The first tip is to check your machine’s fluid levels, filters and grease! You want to check the hydraulic and engine oils as well as the coolants. Make sure to fill and grease as needed. 

Second, you want to check your seals, look to see if any are damaged or need to be replaced. One thing to keep in mind is that the black rubber O- ring might shrink in the cold. Once they have been cleaned and warmed up it can be resealed.

Third, you want to clean debris on the undercarriage and adjust the tension. Pay attention if you need any repairs.

Fourth, examine the boom and arm. Pay attention to any parts that have some wear and tear and be sure to get it fixed right away as it can turn into a larger, more expensive fix. 

Fifth, check the heart of your heavy equipment, the engine. Look for any cracks or damages and tighten any belts that may have gotten loose over time.

The sixth tip is to make sure the battery is working properly. Look at terminals and posts, check the levels and do any cleaning if needed. 

Seven is to check the entire machine from inside and outside!  

The eighth tip is to check the other parts of your machine to ensure they are working properly and perform any routine checks.  For example, lights wipers, heater and air conditioning. 

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