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VF10.33C Backhoe

VF10.33C Backhoe
Specifications and Performance Data
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The versatile VF10.33C Backhoe boasts a 106-hp four-cylinder Deutz engine, hydrostatic transmission, front axle steering, and oscillating up to a total angle of 20° rear axle: steering and fixed to the frame, loader breakout force is 20,062 lbs. and max. breakout force on the bucket type 12,125 lbs.

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Specifications and Performance Data



Features: 4-cylinder in-line, turbocharged, charge air cooling, common Rail injection system electronically controlled, external exhaust gas recirculation, water-cooled, dry filtration, oxidation catalyst (DOC) Emissioned according to CEE 97/68 -Tier 4i.

Type Deutz TCD 3.6 L4
Max Power 78 kW - 106 HP
Rated rpm 2,300
Power ISO/TR 14396 74,4 kW - 101 HP
Power EEC/80/1269 74,4 kW - 101 HP
Max torque 302 ft. lb.
Bore 3.86 in.
Stroke 4.72 in.
Displacement 221 in³


Battery 12 Volt
Capacity EN 60095-1 110 Ah - 1100 A
Alternator rating 95 A
Reverse warning Standard
Wiring according with IP 67 DIN 40050


Hydrostatic transmission with automatic power regulation and a closed circuit with variable displacement pump and motor. Gearbox with 2 mechanical selections: 2 work speeds (fwd/rev) and 2 road speeds (fwd/rev).

Work speed:

Forward 1st gear 0÷4 mph 2nd gear 0÷8 mph (automatic selection)
Reverse 1st gear 0÷4 mph 2nd gear 0÷8 mph (automatic selection)

Road speed:

Forward 1st gear 0÷11 mph 2nd gear 0÷11 mph (automatic selection)
Reverse 1st gear 0÷25 mph 2nd gear 0÷8 mph (automatic selection)


Designed for Heavy Duty. All-wheel drive. Planetary final drives in each wheel. Front axle: steering and oscillating up to a total angle of 20° Rear axle: steering and fixed to the frame


Service: multi-disc oil brakes on all wheels.
Parking: mechanical brake operating on the service brake, manually actuated.


Standard 405/70 R 24
Option 15.5 R25 • 17.5 L 24


Servo-assisted through hydraulic steering:

  • on front wheels for road transport
  • on each wheel inside the working site, where the maximum maneuverability in reduced spaces is required
  • on each wheel for crab steering inside the working site for side displacement
Inner tires turning radius ft in 7’2.61”
Outer tires turning radius ft in 15’5.04”
Outer bucket turning radius ft in 18’4.47”


Composed of two gear pumps, the first for the loader circuit and steering, the second for the circuit of the fan, having a double speed of rotation. Modular two-element control valve for the loader, modular six-element control valve for the backhoe regenerative type, with unloading valve for reducing consumption during transfer.

Double acting hydraulic cylinder. Cylinder 1st backhoe arm with brake at maximum height. Hydraulic oil cooling radiator. Full-flow oil filter on the leakage pipe.

Max flow 34.34 GPM
Loader relief valve pressure 3,046 psi
Steering relief valve pressure 2,538 psi
Lift cylinder 3.54 x 26.18 in.
Bucket cylinder 4.33x17.52 in.

Loader control

Single lever arm-control with 4-position lifting system and with 3-position bucket system.

Backhoe control

Two levers backhoe control, “cloche” type.
Two hydraulic-control independent stabilizers.
Side translation with four hydraulic locking devices.


Engine 2.11 gal.
Front-axle 2.85 gal.
Rear-axle 2.85 gal.
Gearbox 0.42 gal.
Hydraulic circuit 29.06 gal.
Brake system 0.24 gal.
Fuel 29.06 gal.
Water cooling 6.34 gal.



Standard bucket capacity 1,57 yd3
Bucket width 7’8.52” ft. in.
Breakout force 20,062 lbs

Backhoe loader

Type 4.45C VF
Standard bucket capacity 42.27 gal.
Bucket width 19.69” in.
Dipperstick max penetration capacity 9,811 lbs
Max breakout force on the bucket type 12,125 lbs
Lifting capacity on the bucket pin-up to max-height 3,307 lbs
Rotating 180°
A - Max digging depth 15’8.98” ft. in.
B - Standard digging depth 14’5.23” ft. in.
C - Max digging depth with telescopic (opt.) 19’0.35” ft. in.
D - Standard digging depth with telescopic (opt) 17’8.6” ft. in.


Max length in transfer position 19’8.22” ft. in.
Max width in transfer position 7’8.52” ft. in.
Width across tire 7’6.16” ft. in.
Tracks width 6’2.41” ft. in.
Ground clearance 17.72” in.
Standard weight in running order 18,078 lbs
Max permissible weight 20,723 lbs

Image of 10.33C Backhoe Loader Loading bucket Angle Specifications Sold By Ranko in Des Moines, IA

Loading bucket (lbs)

Static tipping load 12,346 lbs
Payload (50%) 6,173 lbs

Loading fork (lbs) - Centre of gravity 19,69”

Static tipping load 10,141 lbs
Payload EN 474-3 (80%) 8,157 lbs
Payload EN 474-3 (60%) 5,952 lbs
Payload DIN 24094 (50%) 5,071 lbs
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