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VF2.63C Plus Wheel Loader

VF2.63C Plus Wheel Loader
Standard Equipment
Specifications and Performance Data
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“Z” Linkage
Max power 50 HP
Bucket capacity 0.98 yd³
Max permissible weight 10,582 lbs
Standard operating weight 9,590 lbs



The 4 TNV 88 and 84T Yanmar engines are designed to match all types of requirements: low environmental impact, low noise, and limited vibration transform these engines perfect partners. The continuous efforts to find sustainable solutions to essential needs of human life make Yanmar engines the best in terms of power economy and emissions; simplicity and reliability are the two main features that brought Venieri to choose Yanmar engines.

Engine Japanese Tech image sold by Ranko Equipment



There are many ways to transmit power but only one is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers: Venieri and Bosch-Rexroth laboratories have studied and developed one of the best possible combinations of high pressure transmission (so high-efficiency transmission with 7,252 psi). In that way the efficiency of Venieri’s wheel loaders led to an 11% improvement: try and you’ll believe it!

Transmission Global Quality image sold by Ranko Equipment



The double fixing on each side grants extreme reliability and stiffness to the chassis even after 8000/10000 working hours and represents a further confirmation of our design philosophy: small size machines equally designed as the big ones! The 18° rear oscillation grants perfect stability and security during working and transfer operations. Electrically driven 100% blocking slip differential.

Axle top level equipment image sold by Ranko Equipment



Maintenance is fundamental on all machines: Venieri decided to build machines easy and accessible to anyone: machines whose maintenance operations can be carried out in an easy and safe way, thanks to its particular design. For example, the 3 points of centralized greasing allow the rear axle and the swinging to be instantly double-checked.

Greasing Centralized Confort image sold by Ranko Equipment

Venieri VF2.63C Plus Wheel Loader Specifications & Technical Data Download

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Standard Equipment

80° articulation

Cramped conditions do not scare us.

Steering console

A master piece for all job requirements!

Arms Connection with ovalized section

We want to see clearly!

Framed glass door and flat glass

We combine style with efficiency!

Multipurpose Joystick

You can do everything with one hand!

Hydraulic quick coupling

Use your Venieri as a universal tool carrier thanks to the interchangeability of most quick couplings/equipment!

Linkage connection on the chassis with cantilevered pins

+ performance, better visibility = less risk!

Evolved and complete hydraulic.

Not only High Flow kit but also an additional hydraulic kit for tools and equipment. An example?

Hand-operated hydraulic demolition hammer!

X Standard | O Optional

Acoustic warnings X
Plugs with keys for fuel and hydraulic tanks X
Bucket with bolted teeth X
ROPS-FOPS cab with heating and pressurization fan, with front and rear windscreen wiper and windshield washer X
Tool box X
Spare parts catalogue X
Seat belt X
Electrically driven 100% blocking slip differential on front axle X
Safety clamp for lifting cylinders X
Visual index for bucket position X
Working lights X
Drawbar hook X
Soundproofing X
Yellow rotating and overturning beacon X
Operation and maintenance manual X
Type-approval for road traffic X
Side rearview mirrors X
Complete instrument panel X
Hydraulic or mechanical quick coupler O
Cement mixing buckettd> O
Multipurpose bucket (4 in 1) O
Speed reduction kit O
Lifting forks O
Proportional self lock rear differential O
Electrically driven 100% blocking slip differential on front axle; open on rear axle X
Asphalt and cement planer O
Snow blower O
“V” type snow blade O
Angle-tilt dozer blade O
Hand operating hammer O
Polishing brush O
Trencher O
Specifications and Performance Data


Engine: 4 cylinders, direct injection, water cooled, paper dry filter. Emissions in accordance with EC 97/68 Tier III rules.

Type Yanmar 4TNV88
Max. power 36kW - 50 HP
Rated rpm 3,000 RPM
Net power ISO/TR 14396 35 kW - 48 HP
Net power EEC/80/1269 35 kW - 48 HP
Bore 34.65 in.
Stroke 35.43 in.
Displacement  133,64 in³

Electrical Specs for VF1.63C WHEEL LOADER sold by Ranko Equipment located in Des Moines, IAElectric System

Battery 12 Volt
Capacity EN 60095-1 80 AH- 770 A
Alternator rating 65 A
Reverse warning Standard
Wiring according to rules .IP 67 e DIN 40050


Hydrostatic transmission with automatic power regulation and closed circuit with variable-displacement pump and engine. Two forward/reverse speeds with single-lever control.

Forward 1st Gear mph 0+4 2nd Gear mph 0+17
Reverse 1st Gear mph 0+4 2nd Gear mph 0+17
% Traction/Weight 71%
Pump 7,252 psi
Hydrostatic engine 7,252 psi


All wheel drive. Two heavy duty axles with planetary final drives on each wheel. Fixed rigid drive axle on front chassis section. Oscillating drive axle on rear chassis section up to a 20° total angle. Transfer gearbox allowing the rear and the front movement by means of a transmission shaft. Electriccaly driven 100% blocking slip differential, on front axle and open on rear axle.


Service: drum-brake hydraulically operating on front axle working on all wheels. Parking brake: mechanical drum-brake operating on service brake, manually activated.


Standard 12.0/75-18 12pr
Optional 10.5-18 10pr • 12.5-18 10pr • 15.5/55 R18


Servo assisted hydraulic steering with LOAD SENSING system.

Total steering angle 80°
Inner tyres turning radius 7’2.34” ft. in.
External tyres turning radius 12’5.21” ft. in.
External bucket turning radius 13’9.75” ft. in.


Hydraulic gear pump with LOAD SENSING priority valve for steering circuit. 2-section modular control valve with main relief valve. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic oil cooling radiator. Full-flow oil filter on the return circuit. Single control cloche-lever with 4-position bucket lifting system and 3-position auxiliary control system.

Max flow 15.85 gpm
Loader relief valve pressure 3,335.87 psi
Steering relief valve pressure 2,755.72 psi
Lift cylinder 2.76in. x 36.89in.
Bucket cylinder 3.15in. x 15.55in.


Engine 2.11 gal.
Front axle 1.53 gal.
Rear-axle + gearbox 1.72 gal.
Hydraulic circuit 16.06 gal.
Brake system 0.29 gal.
Fuel 18.49 gal.
Water cooling 2.64 gal.


Standard bucket capacity 0.98 yd3
Standard bucket width 5’6.93” ft. in.
Straight static tipping load 7,275 lbs
Full turned 40° tipping load 6,614 lbs
Lifting capacity at max. height 6,834 lbs
Dump clearance 10’2.05” ft. in.
Dump height at 43° 8’0.46” ft. in.
Reach at 43° 2’1.59” ft. in.
Breakout force 11,684 lbs


Max length in transfer position 15’8.98” ft. in.
Max width in transfer position 5’6.93” ft. in.
Max height 8’0.85” ft. in.
Track width 4’3.97” ft. in.
Overall tire width 5’4.57” ft. in.
Wheelbase 6’4.77” ft. in.
Ground clearance 14.57” in.
Standard operating weight 9,590 lbs
Max permissible weight 10,582 lbs

Full load bucket capacity (SAE) .98 yd³ 0.78 yd³ 1.57 yd³ /
Bucket width 5’6.93” ft. in. 5’6.93” ft. in. 6’2.8” ft. in. /
Bucket weight 551 lbs 551 lbs 772 lbs /
Max operative height 12’5.61” ft. in. 12’3.64” ft. in. 12’7.57” ft. in. /
Forks length (Standard) / / / 3’3.37” ft. in.
Forks length (Optional) / / / 3’11.24” ft. in.
Height to hinge pin 10’2.05” ft. in. 10’2.05” ft. in. 10’2.05” ft. in. /
Dump angle 43° 43° 43° /
Dump height 8’0.46” ft. in. 8’2.43” ft. in. 7’10.49” ft. in. /
Reach fully raised 2’1.59” ft. in. 1’11.62” ft. in. 2’3.56” ft. in. /
Max dump distance 4’9.09” ft. in. 4’7.12” ft. in. 4’11.06” ft. in. /
Bucket static tipping load, straight 7,275 lbs 7,055 lbs 6,363 lbs /
Bucket static tipping load, full turn (40°) 6,614 lbs 6,393 lbs 5,592 lbs /
Forks static tipping load, full turn (40°) / / / 5,291 lbs
Forks Payload EN 474-3 (80%) / / / 4,233 lbs
Forks Payload EN 474-3 (60%) / / / 3,175 lbs
Breakout force 11,905 lbs 12,787 lbs 11,244 lbs /
Total length 15’8.98” ft. in. 15’7.01” ft. in. 15’8.98” ft. in. /
External bucket turning radius 13’9.35” ft. in. 13’1.48” ft. in. 14’1.29” ft. in. /
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