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Disc Mowers

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This mower offers optimum ground pressure from 6.73 ft. to11.84 ft.! Coil springs provide the cutter bar suspension, optimize the ground pressure and ensure uniform cuts. The springs are conveniently adjusted by resetting pins, and this machine is extremely responsive for top contouring!

Rugged and easy use, tried and tested around the world! This mower has a wedge-shaped cutter bar that offers great flexibility to adjust through a large range of settings and leave a short stubble in meadows and pastures as well as long stubble in long-stemmed field crops. An Easy Cut mower delivers a reliable performance and clean cut!

The EasyCut F model range is a line-up of innovative front mowers with or without tine or roller conditioner and work widths of 8.9 ft. to 13.3 ft.!  At the same time, the range comprises particularly compact and light-weight front mowers for mountain fields and applications. Top hats are available for some models. These form narrow swaths that the tractor can straddle.

For high work rates and stripeless cuts on flat land and in curves and on slopes it takes a combination of mowers that work at just the right overlap, as small as possible and as wide as necessary.  KRONE now offers mower combinations for maximum efficiency! 

Versatile, variable, robust and practical! The Krone Trailed disc mowers meet a wide variety of needs and requirements which vary by country, region and harvest chain. Our extensive range of mower options gives you the choice to select the specification that suits your needs. For example, choose the V-steel tine conditioner with distributing hood or the CRi roller conditioner, the swathing belt and the hydraulic swathing boards.

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