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EasyCut Trailed Disc Mowers

EasyCut Trailed Disc Mowers
The Cutterbar
Swathing With Cross Conveyor Belt
Duo Grip

EasyCut Trailed Disc Mowers

  • de- or mid-mounted drawbar
  • Robust and fully welded cutter bar with and massive permanently lubricated sprockets
  • Quick-change blades
  • SafeCut INSIDE – impact protection for each individual disc
  • SmartCut – blades overlap generously for stripeless cuts
  • DuoGrip – double guidance and center-of-gravity suspension
  • Optimum ground pressure control from responsive and adjustable springs
  • Steel tine conditioner with steep angle V-tines
  • Roller conditioner with profiled rollers for intensive conditioning
  • Cross conveyor belt for variable swath sizes

Versatile, variable, robust and practical – the Easy Cut trailed disc mowers from KRONE.

  • Versatile and flexible in the field
  • Custom specification
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Delivering to farmers' needs

Trailed disc mowers meet a wide variety of needs and requirements which vary by country, region and harvest chain. Our extensive range of mower options gives you the choice to select the specification that suits your needs. For example, choose the V-steel tine conditioner with distributing hood or the CRi roller conditioner, the swathing belt and the hydraulic swathing boards.

The cutting discs!

  • Quick-change blades allow operators to swap blades in the field quickly
  • Modular disc design
  • Minimum blade wear: 360° blade action
  • Excellent cuts: Optimum blade overlap

There are many reasons for choosing an Easy Cut disc mower. Just think of the quick-change blades, the inexpensive wear parts and the perfect disc arrangement for stripeless cuts.

Added protection: We welded curved stops between the individual skids that protect the cutterbar from damage and also contoured the underside of the stops in such a way that no material can build up here and instead flows smoothly to the rear.

Changing blades in an instant: Quick-change blades are a must for many farmers and contractors. These blades are quick and easy to reverse or replace in situ.

Minimum wear: The blades are free to spin 360-deg. on their pins. They are hard-wearing and self-cleaning, well protected and will not foul with the blades on the neighboring discs.

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The Cutterbar

The Cutterbar

Rugged and well proven

  • Fully welded: Robust, sealed and permanently lubricated
  • The durable satellite drives have massive spur gears for quiet running and superior efficiency
  • No inner shoe for trouble-free cutting

The KRONE Easy Cut disc mowers provide the cleanest and most accurate cuts. The enclosed and fully welded cutterbar operates dependably and leak-free over many years of hard work. Massive and oil-immersed spur gears impress by very quiet and reliable running in sustained peak-load operation.


Forget about stripes: With some discs turning in pairs towards each other and others turning away from each other, it was necessary to redesign the degree of blade overlap to ensure cleanest cuts. For stripeless cuts in light and young crops, the blade overlaps on the discs turning outwards have increased substantially. In addition, the blades turning to the rear are set further apart to encourage a smooth flow of large volumes of crop.

Swathing: The eccentric bearings are positioned in such a way that the discs turn inwards, feeding the material to the middle for the tractor to straddle the swath.

No swathing: With discs spinning in the B sense of rotation, Easy Cut spreads the material across the full cutting width. All discs turn in pairs, spreading the material across the working width for faster and more uniform wilting.

Swathing With Cross Conveyor Belt

Swathing With Cross Conveyor Belt

  • Separate on-board hydraulic drive
  • Infinitely variable crop throw
  • Belt auto on/off during lift/lower
  • Conditioner tray for a tidy crop feed

The hydraulic swathing belt which is available for some of the trailed disc mowers saves time, reduces the number of passes and minimizes compaction. By feeding the crop to the swath without it contacting the ground, this system guarantees particularly clean forage.

The all-rounder: The trailed Easy Cut disc mower conditioners with swathing belts suit a wide range of applications. Being true all-round machines, they operate with and without the belts. When the belts are out of work, the mower produces either wide or compact single swaths. With the belts in work, they feed the material on or next to the existing swath, forming a double swath that suits the full pick-up capacity of the following harvester.

Duo Grip

Duo Grip

  • The DuoGrip system – centre-of-gravity suspension and linkage control
  • Uniform ground pressure across the entire work width
  • Excellent guidance: Less lateral drag, clean cuts
  • Short and high-strength beam

The KRONE DuoGrip suspends the mower in its center of gravity and guides it via two arms. This allows the cutterbar to follow the ground contours even more accurately for more protection to the sward and high-quality forage even in difficult conditions.


Quick and easy: This crank controls the cutting height. Easy Cut 2801 CV and Easy Cut 3201 CV may be specified with an optional hydraulic ram, which tilts the mower as it crosses tramlines and runs through dips.

An ideal system: A huge vertical travel allows the cutterbars to adapt to ground contours. Pivoting in its double frame, the mower closely follows the ground – delivering clean forage and protecting the sward.

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