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EasyCut R Rear-Mounted Disc Mower

EasyCut R Rear-Mounted Disc Mower
Quick Change
Safe Road Travel
Duo Grip

EasyCut R Rear-Mounted Disc Mower

  • Quick-change blades
  • SafeCut: Individually protected discs
  • SmartCut: Stripeless cuts from optimum blade overlaps
  • DuoGrip: The center-of-gravity suspension system with dual grip control
  • Optimum ground pressure control by means of responsive and adjustable springs
  • Available conditioner versions: CV conditioner with V-type steel tines, CR conditioner with rubber rollers or M-Rolls
  • Compact in transport as the mower tilts to the middle of the tractor – for optimum weight distribution and visibility


Without conditioner

  • 2.73 m to 4.04 m work widths
  • DuoGrip center-of-gravity suspension
  • Over-center transport position reduces
  • Transport height
  • Very responsive spring suspension

With conditioner

  • 2.7 m to 3.2 m work widths
  • Front-mounted mowers with tine/roller ­conditioners (rubber rollers or M-Rolls)
  • DuoGrip center-of-gravity suspension
  • Over-center transport position reduces ­transport height

The cutter bar features a host of smart details like the SafeCut disc protection system or the SmartCut blades with optimum overlaps. EasyCut R – the professional machine for farmers and contractors

Working at widths from 2.73 m to 4.04 m, the rear-mounted EasyCut disc mowers deliver cleanest cuts. Forming a compact combination with the tractor, these machines stand out for light pulling and great ground contouring in any type of terrain.

Those who seek faster wilting can opt for a tine or roller conditioner on the rear-mounted units for full-width treatment to the freshly cut material.

M-Rolls have two counter-rotating steel rollers that give uniform conditioning to crops like lucerne, crushing the material effectively and ensuring a consistent wilting process without losses.

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Quick Change

Quick Change

Replacing blades with the help of air!

  • Fastest blade changes on KRONE ActiveMow and EasyCut disc mowers and the SP BiG M mower conditioner
  • Easy, fatigue-free and convenient blade changes
  • Ideal for applications that require frequent blade changes

It‘s easy: Place the QuickChange claw spacer in the space between the disc with blade retaining pin and the blade carrier.

Operate the lever, applying air to the claws and pressing down the blade carrier.

The blade retaining pin is now exposed and you can remove, replace or reverse the blade. It‘s safe, simple and fast.

Position the new or reversed blade under the retaining pin and operate the lever again.

This removes the air and releases the claws, which in turn releases the knife carrier so this jacks up, locking home the blade retaining pin.

The new blade is now secured in position.

On-site use: Provided the tractor is equipped with an air compressor, QuickChange is easily used in the field.

Safe Road Travel

Safe Road Travel

  • The unit folds into an over-center position, reducing the transport height and optimizing the weight distribution and view to the rear
  • The unit is lifted hydraulically and without raising the tractor links to make the headland turn
  • Large suspension travel

Implementing a large work width on a mower poses a special challenge to the designers who have to reconcile demands for high work rates with those for good transport and contouring qualities. The solutions are reflected by the KRONE Z-form, the low pivot point, the over-center transport position and the headland position that does not require operating the tractor’s link arms. KRONE disc mowers offer safe travel and best cuts even in difficult conditions.

The unit folds hydraulically beyond TDC, the single-acting ram on the Easy Cut R 280 and R 320 has an accumulator and folds 110° over top dead center, the double-acting ram on Easy Cut R 280 CV, R 320 CV and R 360 folds 124° for better road stability and visibility. Actively folding and unfolding, both versions make for trouble-free changeovers.

Z-shaped arms enable large vertical travel (29° up, 20° down) – ideal for mowing banks and verges.

The Z-shaped arm has a low pivot point for a reduced transport height and yet offers a large ground clearance for smooth travel on rutted field roads.

Shifting the machine weight to the middle distributes its weight more evenly on to the lower links, which improves the tractor ride and gives operators a clear view behind in the mirrors.

Duo Grip

Duo Grip

  • The DuoGrip system – center-of-gravity suspension and linkage control
  • Uniform ground pressure across the entire work width
  • Excellent guidance: less side thrust, clean cuts
  • Short and high-strength beam

A clean cut is fundamental for clean forage. Clean cuts are attributed to the special design of the cutter bar and the special suspension. The special KRONE DuoGrip suspension system suspends the disc mower in its center of gravity and provides lateral guidance at the same time. Maintaining a consistent ground pressure across the full work width, the design leads to cleanest cuts on the one hand and light pulling and optimum lateral control on the other.

The parallelogram linkage absorbs lateral forces and guides the unit in direction of travel. At the same time, it helps reduce the load on the jib and the suspension system in the machine’s center of gravity. The two rods also indicate to the operator whether the tractor linkage is at good height.

Suspended in its center of gravity rather than centrally: Maintaining a uniform pressure across the entire work width is a requirement that is thoroughly met by Krone disc mowers, courtesy of a gearbox that is arranged on the inside of the machine where it shifts the center of gravity to the side. This, the short jib and two extra braces give maximum stability while keeping the weight down – and delivering best results in rough going.

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