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Comprima Round Baler Plus

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment
The Pick-up Easy Flow
The XCut Cutting System
The Tying System

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Comprima Round Baler Plus

  • Balers with stronger components to combat extreme conditions
  • Compact, high-capacity and all-round machines for all crops
  • Two variations available: Semi-variable or fully variable bale chambers
  • Each chamber is available for the combination baler wrappers
  • Stronger NovoGrip belt-and-slat elevator for perfect bale roll and high densities in all crops
  • Easy Flow pick-up with w-lined tines for clean and effective gathering
  • XCut cutting system with 17 or 26 blades for smooth and precise cuts
  • Massive cut-and-feed rotor from Hardox steel for high throughputs and reduced wear
  • Net wrap or peripheral film wrap
  • Standard auto lubricator for oil and grease for reduced service and maintenance


Uncompromised stability is the key landmark feature of KRONE Comprima V und CV Plus. These machines are designed to successfully combat the most extreme conditions in non-stop operation. Bale diameters are set from 1 m to 1.5 m and the pressure is changed electrically from the cab for convenient adjustment to different crops and conditions.

The Comprima V 150 XC Plus with variable bale chamber allows operators to enter the required bale diameter to the operator terminal from the comfort of the seat. The diameters can be set from 1.00 m to 1.50 m which gives users greater flexibility. Smaller bale sizes are often preferred in silage whereas larger bales are more typical in hay and straw.

The bale diameter is measured by an angle sensor on the tensioning arm and the information is fed to the operator terminal so you can change the setting from the cab. The increasing pressure on the elevator ensures a uniform density.

The baling pressure is varied electrically from the cab-based terminal. This way, you can adjust the density easily and conveniently to the conditions at hand.

The Comprima CV 150 XC Plus baler wrapper has a powerful wrapper with twin-arms orbiting at up to 36 rpm. The wrapping table forms a deep cradle and has large guide rollers on the sides to ensure the bale is consistently rolled during the wrapping process even when the conditions are more than difficult.

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The Pick-up Easy Flow

The Pick-up Easy Flow

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

  • Reliable and effective – 6 mm double tines arranged in a W-line and large-diameter Coils
  • A clean rake – extra wide pick-up for thorough, consistent and clean rakes
  • Simple and effective - no cam track means fewer moving parts, less service and maintenance and extremely quiet running

The Easy Flow pick-up pivots sideways and is known as the pick-up that clears the field effectively even in the most difficult conditions and at high work rates. More than that, its rugged build with very few moving parts gives an exceptionally dependable performance.

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

KRONE had good reasons for opting against cam track controlled tines on the Easy Flow pick-up. Instead of using many moving parts that are prone to wear, KRONE prefers special strippers that ensure the angle and length of the tines is always correct. Measuring 6 mm in diameter and mounted with large coils, the tines are particularly vigorous and hard-wearing. Arranged in five helical rows on the Easy Flow rotor and spaced at narrow 55 mm, they allow Easy Flow to pick up even short and heavy crops without losses.

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

The crop press roller supports the work of the pick-up by detecting the size of the swath and preparing it for effective gathering. Its height is adjusted easily to adapt to the swath volume and ground speed..

The Easy Flow pick-up is guided by two small side-mounted gauge wheels. Its height is changed by refitting a pin in a hole pattern. The guide wheels are castering and can pivot flexibly for effective tracking in curves without scuffing.

The XCut Cutting System

The Wrapper

  • Fast – Due to the powerful double wrapper„
  • Dependable & reliable – effective bale roll on the table
  • „Clean film cuts – by controlled blades „
  • Tidy wraps – generous overlap
  • High efficiency – load sensing hydraulics for swift cycles

The Comprima Plus wrapper wraps the bales fast and reliably – even in difficult conditions and in sloping fields. The entire wrapping cycle is fully automated.

The table on the Comprima Plus wrapper forms a deep cradle and has big bobbins on either side that fi x the faces of the bale as it is being rolled – an ideal setup for dependable operation in sloping fields. A bale weighing system can be integrated in the table as an option. The system logs the individual and total bale weights and displays the readings on the in-cab screen.

The wrapper has powerful twin dispensers to match the high output rates of Comprima Plus. Orbiting at 36rpm, the high-performance dispensers finish the wrapping cycle in no time at all.

The dispenser stretches the film to a 50% or 70% pre-stretch, depending on the gearwheel pairing of the drive. This ensures the bale density is maintained and the film is used efficiently. The dispenser has integrated film break detection relying on sensors that detect magnetic fields. When the system detects a film break, it shuts off the defective roll and wrapping continues with only the other dispenser in action.

The film cutters provide extreme functional safety. You cut the film with the scissors. This direct way of cutting eliminates lose film ends.

There are two large film roll compartments on either side of the machine which store up 12 spare rolls of film, protecting them from rain and dust. Powerful LED lights are also available as an option in this area. The film roll holders roll holders fold down for convenient removal and refills.

The rubber mat is standard specification and protects the film from damage as it is placed on the ground. Equipped with a roll, the optional bale turner turns the bale gently on its face. It does not need to be removed it is not required: simply fold it away close to the wrapping table.

If not used for wrapping, the table can be used for depositing the bales in pairs, which leads to great time savings in clearing the field.

The Tying System

The Tying System

  • Versatile and flexible - applying net and peripheral film
  • Reliable and efficient - short net and film feeds to the bale
  • Great visibility - the operator watches the process on the move
  • Easy use - automatic net/film start

The net / film wrapping system on a Comprima Plus is extremely reliable and easy to use.

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

The net wrap system is standard specification but you can also opt for the peripheral film wrap unit. This type of stretch film, which runs 1.28 m wide and is adhesive on one side, increases the quality of silage bales, because it exerts a greater pressure on the outer layers of the bale, reducing the amount of air trapped in it and making it easier to break up on the feeding floor.

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

The wrapping unit applies the net or film across the full width of the bale and covers its edges. KRONE has eliminated stretching the film at the start of wrapping and gathering it before cutting, which saves time and material.

After the net or film is applied, the knife cuts the material automatically and across the full width.

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