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Comprima Round Baler Plus

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment
The Pick-up Easy Flow
The XCut Cutting System
The Tying System

Comprima Round Baler Plus

  • The balers with stronger components to combat extreme conditions„
  • Compact, high-capacity and all-round machines for all crops
  • Semi-variable or fully variable bale chamber
  • Semi-variable for 1.25-1.50 m bale Diameters and maximum flexibility
  • Fully variable for all bale sizes and 1.00-1.50m diameters
  • Each chamber is available for the combination baler wrappers
  • Stronger NovoGrip belt-and-slat elevator for perfect bale roll and high densities in all crops
  • Easy Flow pick-up with w-lined tines for clean and effective gathering
  • XCut cutting system with 17 or 26 blades for smooth and precise cuts
  • Massive cut-and-feed rotor from Hardox steel for high throughputs and reduced wear
  • Net wrap or peripheral film wrap
  • Standard auto lubricator for oil and grease for reduced service and maintenance

Attachment, drawbar and running gear:

  • Variable – hitch ring or ball attachment
  • More options – single or tandem axle
  • Three options – the tyre sizes

Comprima Plus is the right machine for quick travel between fields, for undulating and boggy fields and easy shunting in tight space. KRONE Comprima Plus models are perfectly specified to meet all customer requirements.  Choose between two different hitch systems, a single or tandem axle and a hydraulic or air brake.

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

Comprima Plus has a standard 40 mm hitch ring for bottom- or top-mount attachment. The drawbar notches easily to height. In addition, three more hitch options are available to suit various needs in specific countries.

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

There is also an 80 ball hitch available for Comprima Plus for bottom attachment. This warrants smoothest rides, better maneuverability and minimum wear.

An air brake system is standard specification on both the single axle and tandem axle models. A hydraulic brake is available for the export machines.

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

Only the Comprima F und V Plus models have the single axle. You can choose from a large range of various tire options. The standard size is 15.0/55-17; but 500/50-17 and 500/55-20 tires are also available as an option.

A tandem axle is standard specification on the CF and CV combination baler wrappers and an option on the F and V models. Tandem axles offer greater tongue loads, smoother rides and better road stability. As they offer a larger contact area, they also reduce rutting and protect the soil. There are three different tire sizes from 500/55-20 to 600/50-22.5 available for this axle assembly.

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The Pick-up Easy Flow

The Pick-up Easy Flow

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

  • Reliable and effective – 6 mm double tines arranged in a W-line and large-diameter Coils
  • A clean rake – extra wide pick-up for thorough, consistent and clean rakes
  • Simple and effective - no cam track means fewer moving parts, less service and maintenance and extremely quiet running

The Easy Flow pick-up pivots sideways and is known as the pick-up that clears the field effectively even in the most difficult conditions and at high work rates. More than that, its rugged build with very few moving parts gives an exceptionally dependable performance.

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

KRONE had good reasons for opting against cam track controlled tines on the Easy Flow pick-up. Instead of using many moving parts that are prone to wear, KRONE prefers special strippers that ensure the angle and length of the tines is always correct. Measuring 6 mm in diameter and mounted with large coils, the tines are particularly vigorous and hard-wearing. Arranged in five helical rows on the Easy Flow rotor and spaced at narrow 55 mm, they allow Easy Flow to pick up even short and heavy crops without losses.

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

The crop press roller supports the work of the pick-up by detecting the size of the swath and preparing it for effective gathering. Its height is adjusted easily to adapt to the swath volume and ground speed..

The Easy Flow pick-up is guided by two small side-mounted gauge wheels. Its height is changed by refitting a pin in a hole pattern. The guide wheels are castering and can pivot flexibly for effective tracking in curves without scuffing.

The XCut Cutting System

The XCut Cutting System

  • Powerful - large-diameter rotor
  • Quiet running - helical tine rows
  • Sharp - superior cutting quality
  • Flexible - 17 or 26 blades
  • Robust - hard-wearing rotor

The XCut cutting system comprises the feed rotor and the blade cassette for superior crop feeds, quiet running and exceptional cutting quality. The components in the blade cassette are also made from heard-wearing materials to match the Hardox steel rotor cutter.

Should the feed chamber block up in difficult conditions, the operator simply lowers and raises the blade cassette hydraulically to remove the blockage. If the unit is specified with hydraulic blade group control, the blades will also be retracted automatically to clear the chamber and allow the crop to flow again.

Featuring three helical rows of tines and a massive 53cm diameter, the powerful XCut rotor has the capacity to provide consistent crop flows and precision cuts while spreading the material across the full width of the feed chamber, which is essential for forming firm edges. The rotor is made from hard tempered material (Hardox steel) for extra longevity.

The cutting rotor is powered by oversize spur gears which cope with the highest possible loads. They provide the rotor with the most dependable drive even in less than uniform swaths.

The double tines pull the crops consistently through the blades. The gap between the tines and the blades is extremely small so that not a single haulm will pass the blades without cutting. This so-called controlled cut is very precise and requires only little power input

To fit or remove the blades, simply lower the blade cassette. Then release the springs on all blades by operating a single lever. and remove the blades conveniently from above.

The blades are spring loaded, which allows them to break back when hitting an object and then resume their working position automatically after the object has passed, a system that results in dependable and high-quality cuts.

Depending on the required length of cut, the blade cassette of the XCut cutting system has a maximum of 17 or 26 blades. When 8, 9 or 17 blades are in working position, the nominal chop length is 128 mm or 64 mm whereas the use of 13 or 26 blades reduces the chop length to 84 mm or 42 mm.

The standard manual control is a long lever that takes little effort to operate. This way you can quickly adjust the number of blades to varying conditions and customer needs.

The hydraulic blade group control system is an option and the system is operated from the convenience of the cab, saving valuable time.

The Tying System

The Tying System

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

  • Versatile and flexible - applying net and peripheral film
  • Reliable and efficient - short net and film feeds to the bale
  • Great visibility - the operator watches the process on the move
  • Easy use - automatic net/film start

The net / film wrapping system on a Comprima Plus is extremely reliable and easy to use.

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

The net wrap system is standard specification but you can also opt for the peripheral film wrap unit. This type of stretch film, which runs 1.28 m wide and is adhesive on one side, increases the quality of silage bales, because it exerts a greater pressure on the outer layers of the bale, reducing the amount of air trapped in it and making it easier to break up on the feeding floor.

Krone Comprima Round Baler Plus sold at Ranko Equipment

The wrapping unit applies the net or film across the full width of the bale and covers its edges. KRONE has eliminated stretching the film at the start of wrapping and gathering it before cutting, which saves time and material.

After the net or film is applied, the knife cuts the material automatically and across the full width.

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