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BiG Pack Baler

Krone BiG Pack Baler sold by Ranko Equipment
Active Pick-up EasyFlow
The Baling Chamber
KRONE MultiBale

BiG Pack Baler

  • HighSpeed: 20% higher throughputs while maintaining the same density
  • HDP: Higher bale density – up to 25% heavier bales than from the BiG Pack 1290
  • HDP II: Up to 70% higher throughput or up to 10% higher bale densities than from the HDP HighSpeed

Chamber sizes from 80 x 70 cm to 120 x 130 cm

  • BiG Pack 890 HighSpeed: the baler for handy sized bales
  • BiG Pack 1270 HighSpeed: single or double knotters with optional MultiBale function
  • BiG Pack 1290 HighSpeed: the world’s most popular bale size
  • BiG Pack 4 x 4 HighSpeed: high throughput and the world’s biggest square bales

With their different chamber dimensions and many unique features, the BiG Pack 890 (XC), 1270 (XC/VC), 1290 (XC) and 4 x 4 (XC) deliver exceptional performance in straw, hay and other crops the world over. Every BiG Pack produces consistently stable bales – from small packs to the biggest bales on the market.

  • VFS along with electronic baling pressure control for even bale densities
  • X-Cut and VariCut cutting systems and PreChop for short cutting lengths
  • Well-proven KRONE knotters for high-density and well-shaped bales
  • MultiBale system packs up to nine small bales in one single big pack
  • BaleCollect accumulator runs behind the baler collecting the finished bales as they leave the baler for greater harvest efficiencies and reduced field traffic

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Active Pick-up EasyFlow

Active Pick-up Easy Flow

  • Cleanest sweeps: from a more effective pick-up with a powered feed roller
  • Powered feed roller for superior performance even in brittle material
  • Smoother running thanks to camless design
  • Less wear with 68% fewer moving parts
  • Maintenance-free and long-lasting

KRONE Active Pick-up – a clever combination of the tried-and-trusted camless EasyFlow Pick-up plus an additional powered feed roller. The speciality of this pick-up is the design of the galvanized scrapers, which ensure a continuous and smooth crop flow as the tines retract. EasyFlow can work 30% faster – allowing for faster forward speeds and higher throughputs.

Krone BiG Pack Square Baler sold at Ranko Equipment

Working at a width of 1.95 or 2.35 m (DIN 11220) and kitted out with five rows of tines spaced 55 mm apart, the camless EasyFlow Pick-up does a clean job every time. The combination of the powered feed roller and the side-mounted augers tick all the boxes in dry, brittle material, delivering massively increased throughputs.

Gentle on the sward: The pneumatic caster wheels follow every curve and are height-adjustable without tools. The sward is even protected on curves, thanks to their excellent castering behavior.

Krone BiG Pack Square Baler sold at Ranko Equipment

The Baling Chamber

The Baling Chamber 

Krone BiG Pack Square Baler sold at Ranko Equipment

  • Massive hydraulic rams for maximum bale densities
  • An electronic star wheel sensor ensures uniform bale lengths
  • A 40 km/h single axle or 60 km/h tandem axles
  • A rigid or caster steer boogie axle

The KRONE BiG Packs have massive hydraulic rams for highest densities. Rigid or castersteer 60 km/h tandem axles are available to boost productivity.

Krone BiG Pack Square Baler sold at Ranko Equipment

Full-on power for rock-solid bales: Up to six massive rams operate the top and the side walls of the chamber. The heavy-duty yoke is designed to cope with exceptionally high loads in nonstop operation.

Consistent bale length every time: KRONE equips all BiG Packs with a star wheel that measures the bale length electronically. The star wheel is mounted centrally in the bale chamber floor.

Extendable rear end: The BiG Pack features a very strong frame that also has a hitch to pull a bale for example. The BiG Pack features a very strong frame that also has a hitch to pull a bale accumulator for example.

Powerful and safe: The KRONE big balers have long plungers which support the work of the needles, a design that brings peace of mind with respect to needle operation. The BiG Pack 870 and 890 operate at 49 strokes/min, the BiG Pack 1270 and 1290 HDP and HDP II at 45 strokes/min and the BiG Pack 4 x 4 at 38 strokes/min, ensuring quiet and smooth operation.

The funnel shape does the trick: For maximum bale densities, BiG Packs are equipped with long, funnel-shaped bale chambers with spring-loaded retainers on the sides and top towards the front. The rounded ends of the side walls guarantee smooth bale edges.

KRONE MultiBale

Krone MultiBale 

Krone BiG Pack Square Baler sold at Ranko Equipment

  • Up to nine small bales in one single big pack
  • Small bales from 0.30 to 1.35 m
  • BiG performance in the field
  • Small bales for easy handling in the yard

Up to nine single bales are packed in one big bale: The award-winning KRONE MultiBale system makes bales much easier to handle. The small bales can be between 0.30 and 1.35 m in length. Naturally, you can also produce conventional big bales with lengths of up to 2.70 m.

Krone BiG Pack Square Baler sold at Ranko Equipment

From big to small: On the move, the operator sets the required number of bales on the control box in the cab, Selecting the total length of the big bale and the number of small packs. The small bales are held together with two strings, whereas the big bale has three (BiG Pack 870) or four (BiG Pack 1270). Naturally you can also produce conventional full-size single bales tied with five or six strings.

Divided needle yokes: In MultiBale mode, two knotters knot the small packs and the others tie the big bale, assisted by a divided needle yoke. The two needle yokes are coupled and uncoupled by a controlled latch. The knotters will only work when they are supplied with twine, so the other strings simply pass through underneath the knotters. The small bales are tied with two lengths of twine. When the bale is complete, the two yokes are automatically re-engaged so that all the knotters are now supplied with twine. Then the big bale is tied.

Krone BiG Pack Square Baler sold at Ranko Equipment

The optional MultiBale system has double knotter technology and is controlled via the on-board Comfort control unit. MultiBale gets the field cleared quickly and you can supply your customers with big bales made up of small packs. The MultiBale system made its mark on the market in no time. After all, small bales are so much easier to handle in confined buildings.

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