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BiG M Mower Conditioner

Krone BiG M Mower Conditioner sold by Ranko Equipment
High-Performance Mower Conditioner BiG M 420
High-Performance Mower Conditioner BiG M 450

BiG M Mower Conditioner

In 1996, Krone introduced BiG M, which was first SP high-capacity mower conditioner. Since that time, the BiG M success story has been a never ending one. Achieving work rates of up to 20 hectares per hour, BiG M is indeed a mower of superior qualities. Krone has two models for this mower. 


  • Direct driveline via 4-groove poly belt
  • Coil spring suspension
  • Mowers operate separately or in combination
  • Mowing, conditioning, swathing – three operations in one pass

 The innovative KRONE BiG M 420 driveline allows operators to achieve work rates of more than 15 hectares (37 acres) per hour. After all, short and direct drivelines offer the best efficiency. From the axial engine, the power flows directly to the transfer box, which in turn splits the flow and transfers it to the individual mowers. Extra strong 4-groove poly V-belts transmit the power directly to the side mowers, which suspend from massive coil springs in their center of gravity. The design gives optimum floating and the tension of the coil springs is conveniently adjusted from the cab. The pushed front mower benefits from large travel to adapt perfectly to all ground contours.


  • Direct drive through Powerbands and driveshafts
  • Stepless and hydraulic cutting height control
  • Front mower with optional auto sideshift relative to the current steering angle
  • DuoGrip centre-of-gravity suspension on the side mowers

The innovative KRONE BiG M 450 driveline allows operators to achieve work rates of more than 17 hectares per hour. The power flows from the axially mounted engine down the powerbands and driveshafts and directly to the three mowers. And superior operator comfort comes from hydraulic cutting height control from the cab and fully hydraulic ground pressure control.

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High-Performance Mower Conditioner BiG M 420

High-Performance Mower Conditioner BiG M 420

  • Powerful monster working in fields all over the world
  • "Silent Space" cab offers high operator convenience
  • Swath mergers brings great versatility

Powerful monster tackles every job: KRONE proudly presents BiG M 420 – a versatile specialist that takes care of all your mowing applications. BiG M 420 is the machine that gears you up for every task. Just look at its high-output CV conditioner or CRi roller conditioner or take the spreading or swath merging options. Cutting at an enormous work width of up to 9.7 meters (31'10") and offering tremendous power reserves while distributing the weight uniformly, BiG M 420 produces clean and high-quality forage without affecting the re-growth of crops – in any condition and any field around the world. One does it all: BiG M 420 delivers total efficiency – even in small fields. The machine scores perfect on handling and fast travelling between fields. Opening up small and awkward fields is as easy as it can get – thanks to the machine‘s great maneuverability and the option of using the mowers separately. This machine is up and working while others are still preparing for work.


Three conditioner versions:

  • Conditioning at full work width
  • Intensive or gentle treatment
  • Toppers are available to boost machine versatility

The conditioner versions:
Quality is as important as efficiency. To ensure the crop dries rapidly and uniformly, it is recommended to use a conditioner, which rubs off the natural wax skin for the moisture to evaporate faster. KRONE offers a choice of three conditioner versions. The CV conditioner features V-tines made from steel and offers two speeds (700 rpm and 1,000 rpm) whereas the CRi roller conditioner comes either with two profiled polyurethane rollers or with steel rollers to treat vulnerable and broad-leaved crops, such as legumes.

The CV conditioner for 9.7 m (31'10") working widths: The V-type steel tines on the 66 cm (2'2") diameter rotor feed the crop past a baffle plate to provide intensive conditioning. The operator sets the rotor speed conveniently on the gearbox to 700 rpm or 1,000 rpm and adjusts the baffle plate steplessly.

High-Performance Mower Conditioner BiG M 450

High-Performance Mower Conditioner BiG M 450

  • Powerful and fuel efficient 449 hp Liebherr engine
  • Large 9.90 m work width for maximum productivity
  • Conditioners with steel tines or rollers (rubber or steel)
  • Heavy-duty cutter bar with Safe Cut blade protection
  • Hydraulic running gear adjusts for more ground clearance
  • Silent Space cab offers maximum operator comfort

With the BiG M 450 KRONE presents another upgrade of its self-propelled mower.  Offering huge work width, superior maneuverability, optimum weight distribution and tapping into enormous power reserves, BiG M 450 is the perfect mower for large and small fields, for flat and hilly land and for the most difficult soil conditions – a machine that excels in any  conceivable application in any field in the world.

At Agritechnica 2017, KRONE introduced what was then the fifth generation of a BiG M mower. The mower conditioner received a comprehensive update and now offers a cutting width of 9.90 m. The new 6-cylinder, inline LIEBHERR engine with Power Split control develops 449 hp and has plenty of power in reserve.

Driven by wheel motors and turning through a 50° angle, BiG M is extremely easy to maneuver and as such also offers great efficiency in small fields. An excellent front-rear weight distribution (64% : 36%) ensures that the self-propelled mower also copes perfectly in difficult terrain.

When the swathing hoods on both mowers are closed the augers feed the material from the sides, windrowing it into one central swath. When cutting along field edges you can also close just one hood to present a clean job to the following harvester.

The CV tine conditioners

  • High-performance conditioners for haulm crops
  • Full-width conditioning
  • V-type steel tines for intensive and gentle treatment
  • Conditioning intensity is altered without tools

The KRONE CV conditioner ensures fast and uniform wilts at high throughputs. The conditioning intensity is set by selecting a rotor speed (700 rpm or 1,000 rpm) and by tool-free adjustment of the gap between the rotor and the baffle plate.

The V-type steel tines on the 64cm diameter rotor feed the crop past an adjustable baffle plate which rubs the wax layer off the plants. The V-tines are made from hardened steel and are arranged at a steep angle, treating the material very intensively and pulling it effectively through the unit.

The gap between the tines and the baffle plate is adjusted steplessly by means of this lever. The smaller this gap, the more intensive is the treatment.

The side mowers on BiG M 450 are powered by driveshafts. A side-mounted gearbox offers a number of benefits: the conditioner rotors are not split but work effectively across the full machine width. By eliminating the central gearbox, which was previously mounted between the conditioner and the cutter bar, our developers have created extra clearance for more material to pass through at low power inputs.

Adjusting the intensity of the conditioning effect to the prevailing conditions is quick and easy as the operator changes the rotor speed on the side-mounted gearbox speed from 700rpm to 1000rpm or vice versa without using tools.

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