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History of Venieri

Venieri put in place multiple International OEM agreements to raise the bar. They went on to install the first hydrostatic transmission in an earth-moving machine, added more horsepower to their loaders, patented the world’s first electric backhoe loader, and produced the first electric front wheel loader.

Venieri’s production philosophy, “Invest in constant research for innovating technical solutions-oriented to safety, reliability, stability, performance, operator comfort, and permanent technological developments,” has allowed them to continue to innovate and grow within the earthmoving industry.

Today, Venieri’s factory covers 753,473 sq. ft., with a covered area of 215,278 sq. ft., which houses the production and design departments, multi-purpose prototype assembly departments, and test plots. Venieri’s adherence to a philosophy of innovation in the earthmoving industry has brought international accolades with 2011 and 2014 SIA-Somoter International Awards.  

Venieri celebrated its 70th birthday in 2018.

Ferdinando and Carlo Veneri create the first Venieri crawler tractor

1948 - Ferdinando and Carlo Veneri create the first Venieri crawler tractor

First wheel tractor built by Venieri with Guldner 28 HP - 2-cylinder engine
1954 - New fully equipped plant opens. First wheel tractor built by Venieri with Guldner 28 HP - 2-cylinder engine.

Image of Venieri's first loaders model Micron 20, Slanzi 22 HP engine
1958 - Venieri begins its production of its first loaders model Micron 20, Slanzi 22 HP engine.

Image of an original production level 1960's Venieri earth moving machine
1960 - Production of earthmoving machines begin. 

Photo circa 1960 of the Venieri plant in Lugo Via Piratello 106.

1980 - Opening of the new plant in Lugo Via Piratello 106. Total area: 65.000 Mq. 

Photograph circa 1968 of a new concept of backhoe loader plus excavator

1986 - Introduction of a new concept of backhoe loaders: wheel loaders plus excavator.

Image circa 1992 of several discontinued rigid type backhoe loaders

1992 - Production of the rigid type of backhoe loader has been discontinued.

Image circa 1994-1998 of the Case Europe wheel loaders

1994-1998 - Venieri is the official supplier of Case Europe for 5 different wheel loaders from 45 HP to 110 HP and one 57 HP backhoe loader.

Image Circa 1999 of the world's first electric backhoe loader

1999 - Venieri patented the world's first electrical backhoe loader.

2000 to present: VF Venieri Spa affirms its standing as a world leader in the earthmoving equipment sector. It is present in over 53 countries across 5 continents with an extensive network of dealers!

In 2002, hydrostatic transmission became the new standard in all Venieri machines.

2003-2004: Venieri produces the VF 9.63 wheel loader for Ahlmann in France.

As of 2015, Venieri has produced two models of a wheel loader, the Yanmar V7 (VF 2.63C) and the Yanmar V8 (2.63C Plus) for Yanmar in Japan.

Since the turn of the millennium, Venieri has received numerous accolades and awards attesting to the enduing flair for innovation of its founders and their successors, and the capacity of the Venieri family to anticipate new market trends and necessities. Today, VF Venieri Spa is a leading name in the global earth moving equipment industry!

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