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Brand History


Where did our Ranko Brand Come From?

Ranko Equipment was established in 2016 by our owner Bryan Erixon, a born and raised farm boy from western Iowa. From a very young age, Bryan had always found interest in the agricultural lifestyle which later immersed into running his own business specifically for agricultural machinery. Starting out his business with selling main branded Ag tele-handlers, to wheel loaders, and then forklifts, it was easy to identify there was a niche in the agricultural product line. This sparked an idea to create our very own Ranko machinery brand to better the agricultural inventory.  Bryan made his farm boy childhood dream into a real life when Ranko created our very own R55 Forklift, then onto our wheel loaders (R245, R508L, R520), and then finally with the Ranko R630 tele loader. These three product lines were made specifically to stay true to our farm boy heritage and focus on improving the agricultural market.  Our goal was, and always will be, to develop products that are exceptionably safe, reliable, easy to operate and have competitive prices made reasonable for all customers.




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