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VF1.33B post storm clean up on the golf course!

December 14, 2020

VF1.33B post storm clean up on the golf course! The 4 wheel drive VF1.33B Backhoe boasts a 52-hp four-cylinder Perkins enginehydrostatic transmissionrear oscillating axle, and a maximum permissible weight of 8,818 lbs. Perfect for the following projects: 

  • EARTHMOVING: excavating, digging, breaking, filling, levelling etc.
  • CONSTRUCTION: transporting materials, opening trenches, grading, burying, levelling etc.
  • ROADS AND PIPES: removing road surfaces, spreading aggregate, opening and closing ditches for pipes and cables etc.
  • PUBLIC WORKS, PARKS AND GARDENS: Rooting, planting trees, clearing snow, gritting, cleaning road surfaces etc. Agility and quickness, the ability to handle any kind of public works, high transfer speed, exceptionally compact dimensions and an unbeatable turning radius let you work without disturbing the environment around you, and make the VF 1.33B the essential and affordable solution for every kind of public works!
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