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What telehandler do I need?

What telehandler do I need?

Telehandlers range from compact size to heavy duty. An electric option is also now available and coming soon to Ranko Equipment! They also range in load capacity as well. Compact telehandlers are typically used indoors, while larger telehandlers are used outdoors. Once you know what projects and materials you want to use your telehandler for, you can choose the right model!

For example, the Faresin 6.26 Telehandler may be used to move a heavy pallet of parts from a truck to a loading dock. The Faresin 6.26 Full Electric may be used inside a greenhouse or warehouse where 0 emissions are allowed. Many construction companies are starting to go green with their equipment and this is a great alternative! A larger model like the Faresin 9.30 or 9.60 may be used for heavier materials and higher reaches like stacking hay bales. 

Check out all the models!

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