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Is a telehandler a crane?

Is a telehandler a crane?

A telehandler is not technically or specifically a crane; However, a telehandler can act as a crane when it operates at greater heights.  Because the boom on a telehandler can move upwards and forwards to reach places a conventional forklift would never be able to access, this machine's load capacity and extended reach are perfect for your tallest projects!

Nowadays, the size and scope of building materials are increasing in size, the telehandler's ability to lift and reach up to higher capacities makes larger projects on a wind farm, power plant, or industrial construction site easier to move. This eliminates the number of trips a smaller machine may have to take to efficiently move around a jobsite. 

Picking the right crane or telehandler involves figuring out your project’s terrain, size, the weather, and the weight of the materials needed. 

Cranes are a very different type of machine. They require different inspections, are more expensive, and you have to have more certification to operate a crane. If you are looking for a smaller crane, a telehandler can provide you with similar height and reach that you may need.

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