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How does a backhoe work?

How does a backhoe work?

The backhoe section of a backhoe (the back boom arm) acts like an excavator’s boom. It is capable of excavating a wide range of materials. Although the bucket is narrower than a standard excavator bucket, there are different bucket attachments that can be swapped if a wider digging capability is needed. The backhoe section of a backhoe makes this versatile construction machine unique, enabling the backhoe to complete the work of an excavator and a skid steer loader.

In terms of operator controls, the operator manipulates this valve block with joysticks in the backhoe cab. In some backhoes, control sticks are directly attached to different spool valves, acting as a lever to move the spool directly. In other backhoes, the joysticks operate hydraulic pistons that control the movement of the spool valves.

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