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Featuring the Twinstar G3-7 Basket Rake!

Posted on 07/16/2021 at 11:58 AM by Crystal Harrison

Featuring the Twinstar G3-7 Basket Rake!

The Twinstar Generation 3 Basket Rake is the premier hay rake designed for commercial farming operations. These rugged-built hay rakes are designed to rake two windrows together and for turning hay to speed up drying time prior to baling for high production hay farming, custom operators, dairies raking green chop and raking bio feed stocks.  Twinstar Basket Rakes produce consistent uniform windrows and the cleanest hay on the market. Cleaner hay brings higher returns and provides the highest quality feed to ensure animals receive proper nutrients. Research has documented that basket raked hay contains significantly less contaminants (dirt, rocks, and debris) and has less leaf loss compared to traditional finger wheel and rotary rakes.  Twinstar Generation 3 Hay Rakes are designed for functionality and longevity in today’s demanding markets. Twinstar 7-Bar Rakes are available in 27′ & 30′ approximate raking widths for windrowers equipped with 12′ to 18′ headers. 

Now available for pre-orders through Ranko Equipment! Contact us today:  515-635-0079

Image of Faresin Twinstar Generation 3 Basket Rake

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