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Featuring the VF1.63TL

Posted on 01/20/2021 at 08:15 AM by Angie Deever

Main Features:

  • "Z" Bar Reverse Telescopic Boom
  • VEPS Venieri Electronic Power Shift Transmission
  • High Efficiency Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Bucket Capacity 0.65 cu/yd.
  • "All In One" Multifunctional Control Joystick
  • Yanmar Engine 50 HP
  • Machine Maximum Permissible Weight 7,900 lbs.
  • Maximum Power 50 HP

Standard Equipment:

  • Battery main switch
  • Toolbox
  • Plugs with keys for fuel and hydraulic tanks
  • Proportional self-lock front differential
  • Recovery hitch
  • Warning beacon
  • Soundproofing
  • Spare parts catalogue
  • User manual
  • Type-approval for road traffic
  • Safety clamp for bucket and lifting cylinders
  • Anti-tipping device
  • Safety block valves on lifting and bucket cylinders
  • Speed selection on joystick
  • Selection F/N/R on joystick
  • 40 km/h travel speed
  • Service brake that works on both axles
  • Bucket and lifting proportionally controlled
  • Auxiliary ON/OFF controlled
  • Road lights front and rear
  • Plastic front and rear fenders
  • 4 post Canopy homologated ROPS/FOPS I
  • Front and rear windscreen wiper with washer (only for closed cabin)
  • Double entrance door
  • Rear openable window (only for closed cabin)
  • LED work lights (2 front + 2 rear)
  • Document compartment
  • Seat with mechanical suspension
  • Seat armrests (LH)
  • Adjustable armrest (RH) for joysticks
  • Buzzer
  • Cabin carpet
  • Radio preparation (only for closed cabin)
  • Supplementary socket 12V
  • Ceiling lamp (only for closed cabin)
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Seat belt
  • Instrumentation and dashboard with LCD display
  • Tilting column steering

Optional Equipment:

  • Fuel preheating (cold climates)
  • Proportional self-lock rear differential
  • Twin beacons LED
  • Speed reduction kit
  • Inch pedal integrated in brake pedal
  • Automatic centralized greasing system
  • Ride control
  • Floating mode
  • Engine preheating system
  • Environmentally friendly hydraulic oil
  • Hydraulic oil ISO 46 (cold climates)
  • Cyclone dust separator
  • Boom work lights
  • Foldable Roll-Bar homologated ROPS/FOPS I
  • Closed cabin homologate ROPS/FOPS I, pressurized and soundproofed
  • Mobile phone compartment
  • Seat with pneumatic suspension
  • Seat with pneumatic suspension and heating
  • Manual Air Conditioning
  • “Climatronic Venieri” system
  • Sun visor
  • Heatable rear view mirrors
  • First-aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher 2kg
  • Safety glass breaker
  • Hydraulic quick coupler SKID (ISO 24410)
  • Hydraulic quick coupler EURO
  • Digging bucket
  • Light material bucket
  • Cement mixing bucket
  • Multipurpose bucket (4 in 1)
  • Lifting forks
  • Root rake with grapples
  • Grab for wrapped bales
  • Snow blade and “V” type snow blade
  • Angle-tilt dozer blade
  • Unpressurized return pipe on fixed boom
  • Double auxiliary line
  • Rear electrics
  • Rear auxiliary

1.63 DIESEL ENGINE Engine: 4 cylinders, direct injection, water cooled, paper dry filter. Emissioned according to Tier III. Type Yanmar 4TNV88 Max power 36kW - 50 HP Rated rpm 3.000 Net power ISO/TR 14396 35 kW - 48 HP Net power EEC/80/1269 35 kW - 48 HP Economic working range 1200 - 1800 rpm Max. torque ft lbf 104 Bore in 3.46 Stroke in 3.54 Displacement in3 134 ELECTRIC SYSTEM Battery 12 Volt Capacity EN 60095-1 80 Ah - 770 A Alternator rating 55 A Reverse warning Standard Wiring according to IP 67 - DIN 40050 TRANSMISSION Hydrostatic transmission with automatic power regulation and closed circuit with variable-displacement pump and engine. Two forward/reverse speeds with single-lever control. Speed Forward Backward 1st gear mph 0 ÷ 5 0 ÷ 5 2nd gear mph 0 ÷ 25* 0 ÷ 25* * with 420/55 R17 tyres AXLES Two heavy duty axles with planetary final drives in each wheel. All wheel drive. Fixed rigid drive axle on front chassis section. Oscillating drive axle on rear chassis section up to a total angle of 20°. Transfer gearbox transferring movement directly to the rear and to the front via a transmission shaft. Self-locking limited slip differential on front axle (optional on rear axle). BRAKES Service: disk brake hydraulically operating on front axle, working on all wheels. Parking brake: mechanical disk brake operating on service brake, manually actuated. TYRES Standard 12 -16,5 Optional 31x15.50-15 • 420/55 R17 STEERING Servo assisted steering hydraulic LOAD SENSING system. Total steering angle 90° Inner tyres turning radius ft in 5’2.99” External tyres turning radius ft in 10’3.46” External bucket turning radius ft in 11’8.35” HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Hydraulic gear pump with LOAD SENSING priority valve for steering circuit. 4-section modular control valve with main relief valve. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic oil cooling radiator. Full-flow oil filter on the return line. Single cloche-lever arm control with 4 position lifting system and with 3 position bucket system, auxiliary system and telescopic function by switch. Max flow gpm 15.32 Loader relief valve pressure psi 2,756 Steering relief valve pressure psi 3,046 TELESCOPIC ARM Telescopic boom with Z-bar linkage and compensation integrated in the lifting cylinder to ensure parallelism. • Anti-tipping device and safety block valves • Telescopic boom cylinder inside the telescopic arm • Ride control and floating function on request SERVICE CAPACITIES Engine gal 2.11 Front axle gal 1.53 Rear axle + gear box gal 1.72 Hydraulic circuit gal 13.21 Brake system gal 0.29 Fuel gal 13.21 Water cooling gal 2.38 TECHNICAL FEATURES Standard bucket capacity yd3 0,65 Standard bucket width ft in 4’11.06” Straight static tipping load lbs 5,071 Full turned 45° tipping load lbs 4,365 Hinge pin height (telesc. retracted) ft in 10’0.87” Hinge pin height (telesc. extended) ft in 12’10.53” Dump height at 37° (telesc. retracted) ft in 7’7.93” Dump height at 37°(telesc. extended) ft in 10’5.59” Reach at 37° (telesc. retracted) ft in 2’9.07” Reach at 37° (telesc. extended) ft in 4’2.98” Breakout force lbs 5,952 Maximum loading height with forks (telesc. extended) ft in 12’1.67” Forks static tipping load, full turn lbs 3,444 Payload EN 474-3 (80%) [*] lbs 2,756 Payload EN 474-3 (60%) [*] lbs 2,066 [*] Loading center 19.69” DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Max lenght in transfer position ft in 15’8.98” Max width in transfer position ft in 4’11.06” Max height ft in 7’4.58” Track width - standard tyres ft in 3’10.06” Overall standard tyre width ft in 4’10.86” Wheel base ft in 6’4.77” Ground clearance in 13.58” Standard operating weight lbs 7,937 Max permissible weight lbs 8,818

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