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Featuring the VF1.33B

Posted on 09/02/2020 at 09:23 AM by Angie Deever

Featuring the VF1.33B

The compact 4x4x4 VF 1.33B loader & backhoe loader has reached the goal to work as a skid loader or as a mini-excavator, while overcoming the limits of the single skid loader and of the single mini-excavator. Both in loader or backhoe version, it represents the only solution which fully responds to Venieri philosophy in compact machinery: a unique product that’s superior in terms of productivity, efficiency, flexibility and with low maintenance costs. The only tool carrier capable of performing in restricted areas or confined operating conditions, in:

  • EARTHMOVING: excavating, digging, breaking, filling, levelling etc
  • CONSTRUCTION: transporting materials, opening trenches, grading, burying, levelling etc
  • ROADS AND PIPES: removing road surfaces, spreading aggregate, opening and closing ditches for pipes and cables etc
  • PUBLIC WORKS, PARKS AND GARDENS: Rooting, planting trees, clearing snow, gritting, cleaning road surfaces etc

Agility and quickness, the ability to handle any kind of public works, high transfer speed, exceptionally compact dimensions and an unbeatable turning radius lets you work without disturbing the environment around you, and makes the VF 1.33B the essential and affordable solution for every kind of public works.


The hydrostatic transmission, joined with twin drive axles both equipped with 40% self-locking differential gears, allow the VF 1.33B to respond to all your needs in all possible working conditions. Continuous variation in transmission ratio linked to an anti-slip system, the top of the “state of the art” technology, allows the engine to deliver every ounce of its power to the wheels without interruption while working to maximum efficiency all the time.

It also delivers:

  • Total power efficiency even at low rpm
  • Load control for more economic fuel consumption
  • Excellent power distribution between transmission and hydraulics
  • Ultra-low, constant speeds for special equipment
  • Low brake wear thanks to hydrostatic deceleration
  • Reversing without having to stop the machine
  • Comfort during transfers even at maximum speed of 12 mph


The Venieri VF 1.33B fits a worldwide reputed engine made by Perkins, leading manufacturer of diesel engines. Thousands of testing hours under every possible climatic condition grant an engine assuring constantly affordable and reliable performances. Built to Venieri’s own specifications, the 4-cylinder engine meets all requirements on emissions and offers exceptional power and torque, allowing either gradual or high-output operation.


The Venieri VF 1.33B thanks to its side-mounted engine counterweighted at the opposite side grants:

  • Better weight distribution between axles
  • Real longitudinal and transverse stability
  • Total front and rear visibility
  • Very compact dimensions
  • Side-mounted radiator (with cooling fan) positioned sideways instead of behind the bucket, permitting always an efficient engine cooling
  • Full access to the machine’s hydraulic and mechanical components
  • Reduced dimensions of the front frame enabling a greater unloading distance


In the VF 1.33B the highest maneuverability in any situation is granted by the 4-wheel steering and drive that, together with a balanced ground load exerted by the wheels, allow at the same time full traction, extremely low tire wearing and optimum operation without damage to surfaces (soil, asphalt, grassland, gravel).


One of VF 1.33B profitability key factors is represented by the machine’s extremely reduced downtime. Therefore, it has been designed to allow routine inspections to be made quickly and easily: just operate a simple catch to open the engine hood and everything’s within your reach.


A place where a full-day work becomes possible:

  • Easy-to-reach driver’s position thanks to reduced height from ground and access without obstacles through a wide door
  • Total visibility at 360 degrees
  • Mobile rear window operated by dampers not exceeding the machine’s profile even when open
  • Large front windscreen with ample front and rear side glasses
  • Man-sized driver’s position
  • Fully equipped instrument panel ergonomically positioned
  • Excellent protection against external elements and environmental conditions


  • Acoustic reverse warning
  • Plug with key for fuel tank
  • Front bucket with bolted teeth
  • Backhoe bucket
  • ROPS/FOPS pressurized cab with heating system with front and rear windscreen wiper and windshield washer
  • Toolbox
  • Spare parts catalogue
  • Safety seat belt
  • Limited Slip differential on front and rear axles
  • Safety clamp for lifting cylinder
  • Safety clamp for backhoe lifting cylinder
  • Visual index for bucket position
  • Working lights
  • Tow hook
  • Yellow rotating beacon
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • EEC homologation
  • Side rearview mirrors
  • Complete instrument dashboard


  • Loader
  • Mechanical or hydraulic quick coupling
  • Mixing bucket
  • Multi-purpose bucket (4x1)
  • Arm with hydraulic shredder
  • Device for ultra-low speed
  • Lifting forks
  • Asphalt/cement planer
  • Snow blower
  • “V” type or “angle dozer” snow blade
  • Angle-tilt dozer blade
  • Hand-operated hammer
  • Rotating brush
  • Trencher Backhoe loader
  • Mechanical quick coupling
  • Bucket with mechanical ejector
  • Clamshell bucket
  • Ditch cleaning bucket
  • Backhoe bucket of different widths
  • Extensible dipstick
  • Hydraulic hammer
  • Hydraulic shredder
  • Hydraulic drilling auger
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