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Versatility with Attachments!

Posted on August 12, 2020 at 8:23 AM by Crystal Harrison

With the right attachments you can turn a simple machine into a versatile tool!  Attachments will save you time and money, thus making the job easier for you and your equipment.  Wheel loaders, such as our Venieri brand, can transition jobs with the ease of switching its attachments. The most common wheel loader attachments are listed below:

Wheel loader blades-Blade attachments are optimized to move dirt, gravel, loose rocks, snow, and debris.

Wheel loader buckets-Wheel loader bucket attachments are standard for most wheel loaders; however, you may purchase buckets in a variety of sizes or configurations such as general purpose, light material (such as woodchips), multipurpose and rocks.


Wheel loader couplers-Coupler wheel loader attachments allow you to mount a variety of different attachments to your wheel loader, including attachments from a different manufacturer. Single-point, hydraulic, and 4-point couplers are available, based on your attachment requirements.

Wheel loader forks-Wheel loader fork attachments are available in several types, including Block handling forks, Hay/Manure forks, Hydraulic tilting forks, Log & lumber forks, Pallet forks, Pipe handling forks, Sorting forks.


Wheel loader grapples-Grapple attachments, such as grapple buckets,  equip your wheel loader for efficient and fast clearing of land, trees, brush, and more. Rotating grapple attachments allow for improved performance in rough conditions.  


Wheel loader hay handlers-Hay handling attachments are available in several types: big bale hay handlers, hay bale squeezers, and bale spears.


Wheel loader rakes-Raking tasks and construction site clearing can be performed much more efficiently with these wheel loader rake attachments: Examples include rake grapples and rake buckets.


Wheel loader snow removers-Snow removal attachments are lighter than standard wheel loader buckets and attachments, perfect to remove snow and icy debris. Examples include snowblowers, heavy duty angle blades, and snow pushers.



Wheel loader tree shears-Tree shear attachments can quickly remove trees and clear land and are better than grapples and rakes for parcels with larger diameter trees.

Backhoe loaders also have similar attachments as the wheel loaders for the front of their units; however, attachments can also be put on the back of the machine as well. Commonly used in the construction sector, popular attachments include diggers, excavator clam buckets, hydraulic thumbs, augers, jack hammers and rock crushers.



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