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How to Choose the Right Machine for Your Project

Posted on June 24, 2020 at 9:50 AM by Crystal Harrison

Finding the right machine

First and foremost, thoroughly investigate and research all equipment before buying. Know what requirements you are looking for in the equipment to meet your project needs.  

Always purchase from a trusted manufacturer or dealer who is sincerely going to be there for you. 

Identify the type of job you want to perform. Is it for construction or agriculture? Is it for a small demolition, light transportation of building materials, digging holes/excavation, landscaping, breaking asphalt, paving roads, laying pipes, planting underground cables, laying foundation for buildings or drainage systems? If so, you might require a wheel loader or backhoe loader.

A telehandler, acting like a crane, may be required if you intend on moving, lifting, and placing different types of materials into trucks that other equipment cannot reach. 

Know about the size of the project. Is it big, small, long term or short term.

 Identify the job conditions. Will you be on loose soil, hilly, rocky, or uneven terrain? What will the climate be like on the project site?

What is the equipment going to cost as well as its related expenses such as transportation, insurance, and parts? Will it align with your production costs? Make sure to research equipment in your price range. 

Choose a machine that has spare parts that are available at reasonable costs during the entire working life of the equipment.

 Is your equipment going to be versatile? Can it perform many jobs? Can your equipment adapt to future uses? Is it safe and efficient?

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